Reviews for "Never Touch Children"


i totally agree!!! thats why im never gonna have kids!!!!! cuz i would feel dirty to have to touch a child. keep 'em rollin!!!

Very funny!

Actually, while it is very funny it's almost the sad reality of overreaction to child abuse and paedophilia. Also to a recent case involving a certain small English four year old killed by her pa--- *bullet wound* Waffles! Tasty Waffles! But yes it is one of the funnier CC videos, you lot have certainly improved since B or whatever crap it was. *^_^* lml



This is good. Right up there with the South Park Mongolian episode.
OK, not that good but still funny.
I laughed :D

Ha Ha!

Just administer a small electric shock.

To the dude below me, THAT IS FUCKED UP!


U are so fuckin twisted! This was REALLY FUNNY XD!!!