Reviews for "Never Touch Children"


This was cool I like the clock crew crazies and this one had a bowl of laughs with lots to really enjoy and lots to view the clock charchter work always decent and the story here well it is what it is but the humor and jokes are pretty good and this made me chuckle from start to finish so glad I got to see this one one it had some graphics moments that could be better but overall it's a good film indeed

Bring on the jokes for sure more humor is always great


That was hilarious! It seems like a pretty obvious joke. Then again, if you were never touched, how did your mother give birth? Oh, it must have been a C-section. I just love how sincere the speakaphone voice is. It's admittedly short, but still hilarious.

It's just what a cartoon on this website needs. Uh, happy 911? Well, it's actually Memorial Day now. Actually, there are a lot of relatives that touch children in a bad way. It's mostly people they know.

Haha, awesome! :D A great example of how stupidly people put together regular words to convey something entirely different. That shock idea is hilarious, and the animation/voice? It's classic clock style! Nice work!


That must have taken a lot of inner strength to do, StrangeClock. I've never felt so touched by a clock before.

Wait, what.

nice work :3

i never im touched :D