Reviews for "Never Touch Children"


this video makes sense but yor overeacting lol! heres a good ex: ym cousin is 14 and he has to put some kind of cream on his dick but my aunt says she has to do it and not him. one day he found out it was lotion and not medical cream and that she was just doing it to touch his dick.


this rocks


Amazing, I guess some people just don't know the meaning of sarcasm. Here's my review that was deleted:
"Crap, crap, crap. Does that mean I'm a pedophile now??? D:!111...."
If you note, the three "craps" indicate an "oh no!", not an "oh this flash sucks".
Anyways, great job again on the flash.

I know know, and knowing is half the battle!

Ha ha ... my parents never touched me and i turned out ffffffiiiinnnnneee
Great job! I love psa!

wait a second

what if a chind touches themself?would we still have to tazer them?