Reviews for "Never Touch Children"

remember this

children if an adult is touching you and it feels good it means theyre probably going to rape you.if this happens dont try to escape, because you cant.and if you do escape(your obviously not listening to me if that happens)then run as fast as your little tiny feet can take you,but if they cant take you far then your definently getting raped up the ass(unless its not an assraper).but if you try to escape getting from raped up the ass then i will personally come over your house and kick your sorry little raped ass.


that was a very educational film, but it didnt say anything about children touching other children. hehe

An important lesson for all

Don't forget, children. If you are ever touched just follow these simple steps:
1. Don't touch back.
2. Let the adult finish, as not to incur further and much harsher punishment touching.
3. When the adult is finished, alert another responsible adult.
4. If this responsible adult touches you, see steps 1-3 again.


my stun gun is ready to shock

Hahaha Very funny

I used to hate clock flashes, but I´m slowly starting to dig your stuff :).
Good work man, It made me laugh a lot.