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Reviews for "Lil Girl Shoping"

cute, somehow

i like the style of animation, the music (though good) could've been more fitting


It was a bit short, there wasnt much actuall animation:it was mainly just lip moving, it had no sound apart from the music, and you forgot to stop the music at teh end, but apart from that, its quite good

Ok, needs improvement, but fine...

Nice visuals but the joke is rather bad and the style is not enough to lift it up too much... Also, put an stopallsounds in the first frame to avoid getting nuts at replaying...
Anyway, it really has potential; your stylish drawings are way to go. I´m sure that the next one will be better.

a good start

Not bad. It kind of reminded me of those old black and white films with only music and no sound. If that's what you were going for, then you should have also had the captions appear in a black background after each shot, like they did in the old days (for an example, look up Charlie Chaplin on youtube). Anyway, just an idea for you. Nice drawing and stuff too.

Don't know

The drawing style was pretty good as BizarroJoe said but the music was kind of annoying. If the music was chosen for a reason then i can understand it. The point of the story was pretty bad. Maybe with voices it would have been a little better but I think not. The overall is 5/10 and most of it is for the visuals of course.