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Reviews for "Lil Girl Shoping"


bad, sry ^^


you spelt shopping wrong, short but vodka-ee

Eandreah responds:

english is a foreign language to me so gee im a human bein , i make mistakes.... like dont make mistakes in ur foreign languages


It was a bit short, there wasnt much actuall animation:it was mainly just lip moving, it had no sound apart from the music, and you forgot to stop the music at teh end, but apart from that, its quite good

what the hell was that!

were you just bored or something i dont get you

Eandreah responds:

actually i was

Good concept, good music, good graphics ...

... way too short. Surely the shopkeeper would react in some way to the girl's decision to drink 4 bottles of vodka. Show us that reaction, otherwise the best I can give this is a 3/5.