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Reviews for "Halo: Lost in Time"

I'll admit...

I hate most fanboy Halo/Mario/Zelda whatever animations but that was quite hilarious with the teabagging punchline.

5 pointer rating from me :) Plus you end music was Rage Against the Machine :) :D

LOL that mountain dew!

lol i bought that MD cuz it looked good. and it is! go out and buy it or DIE!! lol i think i'l l go the doritos too.....=P overall funniest flash ive seen in a while.

EpicPopcorn responds:

You'll have to send me a bottle, I havent seen any here :(


that was awesome finaly some taught that pointy eared prat a lesson


oh yeh shake it MC, link has always been a pretty boy pansy and about time someone spoke out, great animation.
Also it amazes me how that guy doing the chain letter just got raped by 20 black men and his first reaction is to talk about it on newgrounds.

this is gold we need more of this