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Reviews for "Molten Lava"

fucking epic

5/5 every day.

kordelp responds:

Hopefully I can keep it up ;)



This is so far one of the best dubstep songs on Newgrounds, great quality production that i myself are really jealous off! So good job on that.

Also I'm loving some of the breaks. Samples are great aswell.
Definitely a song i'll be listening to when working!

It has something of Skism aswell. You prolly already know him (but if you don't check him out!)
Oh btw where's that sample from ? it sounds really familiar but i can't get my finger on it.

Anyway's please make more dubstep songs like this!


kordelp responds:

Best on Newgrouds? I'm flattered. Glad you liked this song. The samples were ripped from a random documentary video I found online about volcanoes (then they were slowed slightly for effect).

so good!

first attempt at intense? you nailed it in every department man, you rock.

kordelp responds:

Sweet! Perhaps I found a strong point for me...


I love this song, its my favorite dubstep song. Keep up the good work

kordelp responds:

Thanks! And sure, no problem ;)


so intense! good job man

kordelp responds:

Thanks a lot!