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Reviews for "Molten Lava"

Simple, yet well-made.

The first thing I must note is the drop. These days, the drops are practically a joke. They're usually incredibly predictable. This one, however, really took me by surprise.

Overall, my only heavy complaint is the percussion setup. First off, I recommend putting in some hi-hats -- or, at the very least, something light and rhythmic. I'd change the kick as well, but the big enchilada is the snare/clap. Make it more hammering, more on the "anthemic" side of things.

Keep making dubstep.

kordelp responds:

Thx for the review! I'm glad you liked the drop. Looking back on this piece I think I can see what you're saying about my percussion. I blame my sample choices mainly (as I tried tweaking them for a "harder" feel but with little avail, though at the time I figured it would work still). You're my first review without a perfect score, and so far it's the most helpful. Thanks again!


thats always the first thing that stands out in a good song

kordelp responds:

The concept of "the drop" is kinda new for me, so I'm glad it worked out for you as a listener. I hope to only improve from here ;)


so intense! good job man

kordelp responds:

Thanks a lot!


I love this song, its my favorite dubstep song. Keep up the good work

kordelp responds:

Thanks! And sure, no problem ;)

so good!

first attempt at intense? you nailed it in every department man, you rock.

kordelp responds:

Sweet! Perhaps I found a strong point for me...