Reviews for "One man 1000 worlds"


another mixed world spinoff/fanfic, eh? congrats.

wow man

haha that was pretty funny.im suprised u used my song dude.thx!!

Greth-of-choas responds:

you welcome :).


Umm... exactly where is my song in this? o.O
Not bad by the way. Pretty much nonsense, but not bad.

dood12 SPAMMER BASTARD I HATE PPL WHO WRITE SPAM LIKE THIS! >X( Doesn't this result in an automatic ban???

Greth-of-choas responds:

I think it was in one of the fighting scene....I look it up for you :)

But I know its in there!

it didn't make any sense,

but I liked it. there where too many characters and I can only asume 'it' is the chaos

Greth-of-choas responds:

Don't worry it will make sense in the second one.

I liked it...

I think you did a great job and also you fixed the the click thing expect for one part (when it is NOT a close up) and you have to click on the pink. It's when there on the clouds...

Good luck with the others!