Reviews for "One man 1000 worlds"

I liked it...

I think you did a great job and also you fixed the the click thing expect for one part (when it is NOT a close up) and you have to click on the pink. It's when there on the clouds...

Good luck with the others!

Either ENTER or good timing

Having to click on text to advance the movie is really irritating and I think everyone that submits movies with that 'feature' get blasted for it so here I go.

Not a good idea, other options include: Having ENTER advance text, voice acting with subtitles or just timing the text appearance and disappearance well.

Also, would be a good idea to put the text in a uniform location and just have different colours for the characters or maybe show their faces beside the text as they speak or something. It's easier on the viewer not to have to look around, especially when you have to CLICK on the text to advance the movie. Gets irritating when you cant leave your mouse in one corner and just tap the button.

Greth-of-choas responds:

I have now made it so you can click ANYWHERE expect for the close ups

enjoy :).

please fix the hard-to-read text boxes

Sorry man, I really tried to enjoy this, but having to constantly aim at the tiny purple box of text to proceed with the cartoon got irritating after a while. Every time someone talked I'd have to look around the screen to find the text box and then click it or I'd have to sit there.

Not only that, but the text was black, on top of a semi-transparent purple background, which made it incredibly hard to read. (check the definition of 'contrast') Normally text should be readable on a background, such as black on white, so that the reader can see it without hurting their eyes.

Perhaps just make the entire screen clickable, instead of just the text box? Or, better yet, get rid of the clicking entirely.

Decent story though.

Greth-of-choas responds:

Ok I will edit that right now

it didn't make any sense,

but I liked it. there where too many characters and I can only asume 'it' is the chaos

Greth-of-choas responds:

Don't worry it will make sense in the second one.

It stopped playing! >:[ (agnry faic)

When that man said 'Nooooooooo!', the flash stopped...
I found out his name was Guy from right-clicking and selecting forward, but I really don't wanna be doing that for the whole flash. Please fix that and I'm sure I'll vote higher than 2 next time.