Reviews for "PowerStar: Kids"

Too hard

The controls were too sticky, it took too long to move. Therefore I couldn't get more than 5 or 6 before smashing something. Would've been better with the mouse, or faster controls.

pretty good...

but i gotta admit it probably would've been better if you could use your mouse, still pretty good 4/5


As i said on the other version very good, keep up the good work


it was decent but i didnt rlly like it because of 3 things
1.The star moved much to slow and so did the screen
2.the pictures should have been anime
3.it was too simple

good job

This reminded me of a level in Battletoads (NES) where I had to fly up and down through the hole or I'd get knocked down.

Good job keeping the player motivated -- assuming I wanted to 'collect the pictures' -- that would seem like a sufficient way of wanting to play. Normally games on this site are just "get the high score," but this gives little extras and short term goals to work towards -- one of the game's strengths.

Would have been nice to hear different music or a different background on the different levels, but beggars can't be choosers. :) Good job Lindsay, gonna go play the Adult version now. :-| Haven't seen that one yet.