Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"


Whoa, that was awesome, gaia is my life(XD).

It was awsome

Ive been a gaia addict since the beginning of '05 and when a friend of mine told me about your vidios a few weeks ago, I knew I had to watch. Love it XD

love it

i love it it makes gaia online look cooler.. poor ryu *crys* and ryus stupid
... he left his sister duh#11

That sounded to me like propaganda

But will make it like if you were a simple member (citizen if you want it) of Gaia and you are #1 fan. Wink ;-)
No, I don't like sprite animation and I don't know Gaia after the registration page (I just thought about it but never registered. A game full of sprites... Eww) but just if the sprites are one-image-only and you took the job of cutting the sprites to animate them... well: the movement is a template that you can make and then just exchange the sprites so you could make better movements (arm and hand or leg and foot to make it smoother) the only added work will be at cutting wich being such small sprites doesn't take a lot and they wont look like androids anymore (basing my low score on that 5/10)
I don't like sprites but ¡¡¡¡keep it up!!!!
Ps: the story really seemed to be propaganda like: "I am Ryu, I live happily in Gaia and it is a great place to pass your time so... Join now". Gubbo Gabbo, One of Us.
Ps2: why do all the names except You, Reina and Icesomthing are japanese????

Killit666 responds:

It's not a propaganda. A lot of animators make flash movies about Ragnarok Online and they're not trying to tell anyone to join. To be honest, I'm quit bored of Gaia so your quote, "I am Ryu, I live happily in Gaia" does not apply to me. There is a basic story that is being told and everyone seems to be ignoring that fact just because the sprites are from Gaia. I am taking the challenge by animating the sprites because no one has done it yet and you know it. If the sprites are so easy to edit like you said; then I'd love to see you try. I highly doubt you can achieve it though since you're not an animator nor a fan of sprites. I don't see why you would take your time to watch/review this flash movie if you have no knowledge of Gaia. Gaia is not a game.

P.S. The names are based on actual users on Gaia. If you fail to notice that then your ignorance does show.


That was very creative. I'm expecting the second one to be just as good.