Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

very good

it was really good.

Pretty Good.

It was pretty damn good. If you need an angst ridden character, I could let you use mine. I'm [dragonslayer143] on Gaia. I roleplay alot, look for me some time.


The only reason I'm wrting this reveiw is cause I think I saw a little cameo in te beginning by Damien, Cycon, and Klunk...? DCK? Thats just funny to me is all Im saying. Nice flash. Love Gaia.


I especially like that u used the harpy thingy song from kung fu hustle
if possible please use my avatar as a character somewhere. i dont care what he is just i'd like him in one of the episodes. The user name iz Pikaberry. PM me if i should change his clothes for the movie if the answer is yes.

Glad to see it

I play Gaia quite a lot as well. I have many characters, but my main is of the same name as this NG profile. If you need material or some characters, please feel free to let me know. Just send me a PM saying who you are. I'll even add you to my friend list (not trying to make my friend list sound like a hot nightclub...or am I?).