Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

This looks good.

It's awesome to start and even better than someone used gaia online for this. You should include me and my friend. Me and him are the rocking scots. ^__^ "Caleb-Sensei" and "Volster"

nice work

this was awsome. lol i thought it was funny at some parts as well. and like the last few veiwers u should add me in the next one. if u want. my username is klay-kun
its pretty simple name. lol awsome 10/10

i liked it

you should use my avatar from gaia in one of your later creations, it would make me happy to see it on the net.

the name is -TG--narutobakalord--TG-

No offense or anything.

The Japanese style type thing to it was a bit annoying, and I found myself rearranging the names in my head, and you sorta ripped off Kung-Fu Hustle with the guitar thing. All in all it wasn't too bad, though.


the animation was really good,espically since we cant move much there, I hope the battle mmo is that good.