Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

Not happening for me

I had to give you all 0's because you took the scene and the whole musical Weapon from Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle. that's a no go for me man.

great but...

10/10 but u took those head bands from naruto but other than that it was awsome oh and u had better make a series or else >=[] lol jk jk jk =]


barton is such a crule crule place *sniff*

i liked it but..

It was like: "HEY! I'm Chasing you!! (starts making running motion but moves at walking speed) the fighting was smooth, but the basic things needed some work. good job overall 4/5


This was awesome man, good job especialy for usin gaia characters, it musta took a lot of time. My user name on gaia is GreatDevil89