Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

Oh man this was totally original and creative.

I swear, that animation was RANCID. The plot was stock, at BEST.

What the hell is with such poor quality videos becoming so popular? This isn't so bad it's funny, it's just BAD.

Hey guys let's make all our gaia characters badass and lets have NO ORIGINAL PLOT, SCENES, OR CONTENT.

Okay stuff

Some effects I've seen too many times (the 'pause and visual effect') but the story was pretty good,and I liked the Kung Fu Hustle homage :D

A little cliche'd, but watchable.


Animation was poor at best.
Quality was quite low.
Music I don't believe was noted who made them.

The headbands might not have been "stolen" since you can't steal a drawing, since Naruto never copyrighted the item. But I believe Gaia does have items for your sprite alot like them.

Overall it was a poor job of a flash, the storyline was pretty ok but still had alot of the over-used bits.

Pretty unique

Pretty nice! Liked how you animated the Gaiaavatars. Must've been difficult. Could've been better though. The image quality was a bit low, but I'm not sure if you can make it any better.

Overall, very nice! Looking forward to seeing more.

So gay...

That it made my face hurt. Seriously, How'd this crap get frontpage'd?