Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"


Yeah that character name isnt taken so i would if i where you, just to be cool.. before fanpeople do..

Anyways, add some voices. The Coice ACtingClub is a great place for that.. and uhm yeah, slight imrove the sprites. Maybe get a bunch from tektek.org and make your own from them. Anyways, that was a really cool idea. If you want some help with getting voices, PM me on Gaia, or here.. Gaia is faster though, Super Saiyan 20 ZAIN on gaia.. Yeah, Cool idea. Keep em coming.

For Gaia, that was a slice ofsweetness

If only the REAL Gaia were like that...

.:Ao no Go:.

i guess its ok

i dont play gaia but i could tell you did a few nfty things with thos sprites. it would get better but i say improve the dimentions and animations. i know we ALL love to do the moonwalk all day but it looks wierd lol but its still not bad at all

ugh :P

lol :P i didnt like the fact that their heads twitch when they blink. as well as the fact that they run on their toes? and you totally jacked the music killing scene thing from uhh watchamacallit that one movie with the 3 guys? ones good at kicking, ones good at using the poles, and uhhhh i forgot the last one. then they get killed and the new guy comes in that used to be evil and he has the ability to heal fast, then he kills the toad guy and yeah :D sounds like a cartoon huh lol...no its a movie. anyways, yeah, maybe it "inspired" you or something, but no. no. dissapointing >.>

this was funny

i have been on gaia for 2 years and i didnt no newgrounds had gaiaonline advertise till i came back on a while ago and i didnt see this vidio till now i thought i was very funny