Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

lol this is great

i know you wernt gonna end the movie without putting yourself in a position like
"The Third Disciple" lol great movie


all what i hated is the running/walking and the blood on it... oh, and the scene when you go outta town should be a lil more developed, becuz its stupid saying in one text what could happen in a week... and its true that gaia has put banners in NG, dunno why-_-

Killit666 responds:

It seems no one bothers reading the author's comments. 'Interactive web comic' doesn't seem to get through... I didn't have to animate anything in this flash but I did anyway. Just about anyone from Gaia already knows how hard it is to edit the sprites there. I'm gonna make this my last response so that everyone else who mentions about the music credits won't continue to bitch and complain. The reason why I didn't list the music credits is because I want to keep people guessing. As for the Naruto headbands... they're Gaia items too. The storyline has many references just like a lot of anime out there. I don't have to list any cause most people already know. That's all I have to say for every response. I'm out.

pee yew

I didnt bother reading it, but im sure the script to this sucked just as bad as your animation. A word of advise, try animating characters that r your own. Not some cut and paste characters from a gay anime video game

Killit666 responds:

I think you're mad cause none of your flash movies ever made frontpage. I'm not one to choose though. I never intended for daily 5th, let alone frontpage. Gaia is not a video game, and anime is not gay. Think before you say something retarded.


I thought it was a nice little flash. The animation could use some work but it wasn't as bad as some make it out to be. I kinda liked the running, it was cute, though it could be a little faster. I use to play Gaia Online but I quit it a couple years ago.
I thought it was really put bluntly at the ending. (I don't want to spoil it for viewers in describing it though) For me it was just a kinda.."that's it?" feel to it.

I hated that you put Naruto in it, lol ><

Good job with the rest though!


pretty good flash its a hella lot better than the real gaia hands down..lol that bit with the gituar was off of Kung Fu Hustle lol very good