Reviews for "Gaia Adventures 0"

Nice concept

I'm surprised I haven't seen Gaia-based stuff on here before now, it's got a lot of members so you'll no doubt have a large audience. Good luck.

kewl :D

they run funny :D
and that .. kill song was from kung fu hustle :D


I got ne question, where do you get all that sweet ninja stuff for your gaia?


Not, bad, rally, also given the possibilities with the sprites from gaia. I used to be very active, Name is Deku Kid, but i was unfairly banned.

And, lol@lanzer.

very good grasshopper

this was really good man, reminds me of maplestory but better lol
i really liked the the soundtrack aswell.

all i could offer as constructive criticism is the walking animation could be a bit smoother. other than that mate....keep up the good work :D