Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"

this is a laughing riot

man i havent laughed so much in weeks


now now, i wouldnt vote low on this because its such a sick twisted animation, and im not going to vote high on it because 40 pages of reviews gave this higher then a 7.
im going to vote high because its a sick twisted animation.
you have a screwed up take on what is funny, and i bet if you played this to a psychiadrist, hed schedual you in for a visit as soon as possible. then again, thats exactly my kind of style. so i love this!
cant help but think you were aiming for some negative responses from this though... Oh well, funniest thing ive seen all day!


just a cople days ago i started drinking sunny delight... i LOVE IT SO MUCH

poor kid


Love the drawing and script.
I realize the boy shaved after his dad died...


Haha! Very funny! 10/10..!