Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"

Wow, I was really impressed at how deranged that was. I mean, I should have known it would be so dirty. So the mom did eventually have an abortion? That dad was stupid. Of course, it's all the condom's fault. Or I guess the people who made the condom.

I love the voice. It feels like you could have ended this at any time. It just got more insane as it went on. The art style was nice and authentic as well. It's just great.

That ending! XD

Oh you have a great imagination and the ending was real funny! Hahaha

Man, I remember seeing this when I was like 8 or something, and I had no idea what it was about. Looking back on it now this is pretty depressing. I'm not exactly sure how this got into flash portal history, but I guess its okay.

I love this video, I have since I first saw it way back when. That being said, there's one issue I have with your subtitles. They cover up the bit that says "You're going to Hell" when I hover my mouse of the "RED" replay button. This is the saddest thing of my life. Other than that, very funny video. I still enjoy it all this time later, so it must be doing something right, friends that I show it to, who have never seen it also find it funny as hell.