Reviews for "The Most Horrible Story"

Oh... my... GOD! What a horrible horrible story! No really though, it's pretty neat. It's both apathetic and surreal, and as the time goes it gets more and more extreme. The childish voice acting combined with the childish graphics gives it a feeling of naivety and realism, and then the end... that's just awesome. :) Great work!


The NewGrounds intro loader is worth 5 alone.... and now after watching the cartoon, I'm depressed for poor Johnny. Diabetic orphans need our support. Donate to DOOTUSA... (Diabetic Orphans of the USA). E-mail your checks to dootusa@fedgov.gov

sad but funny lol keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is so fucked up it's awesome

This is....

This is just....Wrong? Creepy? Insane? Downright horrible? Creepy deffinately works.