Reviews for "Leftovers"

A flash of days gone by.

I liked it, It was interesting and new to just sit back and watch events unfurl like that.


Simply fantastic! Funny and Arty at the same time. please make more!


Is it a student work or something like that?
I just realize that you have a very realistic vision of life over there, a little sad by moments but still with some kind of freshness... how could I say... you don't seem to have a "black or white" vision like most of people and that's great

anyway, the style and graphics are good, but could be better (that'll come with the experience I suppose) and very personnal. The backsound fits perfectly... GREAT MOVIE

oh and I loved the answer you told to selinas, it's just SO true ^^

FREELENS responds:

Yeah, Belgrade, kind of sucks sometimes, but most of the time you don't care, just like anywhere else. Good luck with your life, and cheers.


Everything about this flash was top notch. The graphics were well drawn, the sound enhanced the story, and the story itself was tragic and hillarious. Really well thought out!

Rather good!

I really loved that. The animation was very good and stylistic, and the story was clever.
I thought the birds were cute and the kid killing the bird was cruel, but realistic. All the people portrayed were really interesting, and kept me tuned. Great work!