Reviews for "Leftovers"

Jejeje Good, very good.

I liked a lot your animation and drawing style, somehow it fits very well with your story. Everything looks very natural.

This was awesome, a must see.

It was a very simple, but unique short. The style was different from the norms on newground. Very cool, keep on submitting awesome works.


I liked it very much!
Greetings from Germany!

i liked it

I loved it but...........couldnt you have at least had that car run down the kid that killed te birds? i dont like that bastard child..........killin the birds..........

FREELENS responds:

Well.... It's because I don't think that things go that way -kids do kill birds or cats, but don't get run over with car the moment after. That's life.

Best of 2007

We have a saying in hollland that goes like 'The one's dead is the other's bread'. I guess it sums up the concept of this film very nicely.

Big ambitions, different plans, fallen dreams, making compromises... This movie has it all. Everything packed in a flash animation that consists out of 1 background and very little sound effects. Yet there is still enough detail in the animation to keep the viewer entertained for the entire 6 minutes and the content goes deeper than a 2 hour hollywood movie.

The balance between humor and drama is perfect and each follows up in a really subtle way after the other. It's really interesting to see how each of the characters have their own views on how to handle the situation and how every time the dream gets brutally disrupted by other characters, forcing them to compromise. I like how there isn't a moral and how the viewer gets left with the question 'what was the use of it all?' The strength of this short lies in the fact that it manages to bring a comedic note to these seemingly serious questions with trivial actions from the wonderfully drawn characters.

Highly inspirational and as you said in your comments, this is really festival material. I'm sure it will win alot of prizes. With this you have set the bar for yourself really high though and I'm eagerly awaiting to see what you can come up with next.


FREELENS responds:

wow, thanks!