Reviews for "Leftovers"

Good story and animation

Good story(s) and presentation, very good job, favorited! :-P keep it up!

warm and fuzzy

A dark comedy to be sure, one of the few flashes (only other I can think of is Littlefoot), that the setting of the story is simple, yet put together well enough to be imagined realisticly off some small coastal town.

Love the irony, the style, and the humor. 10/10, 5/5 great work.


Very well done. Definitely worthy of winning some award.


very talented, amazing.

In the footsteps of Larson . . .

At first you think its so reminiscent of Larsons "Farside" with the washed out colours and the simple lines, but the story is anything but. I think this animation is amazingly well developed and I wouldn't change anything about it! Good job! all my points belong to this one.