Reviews for "Leftovers"

Very high quality

You know when PBS shows animations between shows? This is like one of those.


The plot seemed a bit weird, and lost me at times, but mainly maid sense. My favourite part would have to be the graphics, since the remind me alot of those old farside comics.

My thumbs are up

Posing a simple question concerning leftovers and the result is so truthful and funny! Great work, enjoyed it from start to finish.


I like the part where they dig that hole and everyone jumps in and buries each other! Did anyone else like that part too?


First of all, thanks for making such a magnificent masterpiece, i really appreciate it! Secondly, the harmony between background and foreground is well applied.The music, the sound effects, the impression on people's face, the dreams with joyable expectations... Everything is parallel with the unique drawings and enjoyable atmospehere... Thanks again for your submission... "Leftovers" has become my first place favourite...