Reviews for "Leftovers"

Nice movie

I liked the story, but I especially liked the drawings. I think it's worth 5/5 and 10/10. Great work!

FREELENS responds:

Thanks Archem!


This is my first 10/10 I have given on a review. I must say I found this flash to be so wonderfully conceived and fresh, that I'm lost for words. The entire movie was so haunting and calm, yet accomplished and confident with it's characters and story. 5/5.


but in a good way


This is fantastic well done.

Wow! You're So...Morbidly Interesting As An Artist

I loved it, especially the way you played with foreground and background.
The eyes of the viewer were given quite a field day with this one so big ups on that.
Big accomplishment with the story. A woman's heart attack gives birth to a nest.
A boy's simple slingshot gives birth to a meal for a cat and suicide of a bird.
And then the saga continues with leftovers being transported from one to another.