Reviews for "Leftovers"

zOMG a surprise!

Hahah, 'ladno srbin da upadne u NG's best of all time, ne mogu da verujem! :D Bravo majstore, i tebi i onima koji su ti pomogli.
I liked the movie and it's weirdness. When you clearly show normal things, they come out weird. That's why this movie came out that way. :) Excluding birds having thoughts, I mean really... XD
Fine animation and an interesting way of story telling. In any case, all my 5 for you, my fellow serbian. ^_^

laugh on the inside kind of funny

i mightve smiled once or twice during this movie, but it didnt really make me laugh out loud or chuckle or anything. i think it couldve been better, couldve made a bit more sense i think; maybe a bit more of a storyline. whatevs though, its good for what it was. keep up the good work.


I was hoping someone would have used that giant bra as a slingshot.


but in a good way


I like the part where they dig that hole and everyone jumps in and buries each other! Did anyone else like that part too?