Reviews for "Leftovers"


this piece have alot of quality, which makes it fall into the category above average. the style is really nice. in fact i like it very much. this is something you would see in annecy if the wind is right.

however it is not that interesting when it comes to storytelling. the story is ok, but it is long, too long in my eyes.

animations are smooth and cool. far better than alot of the crap you see around here. And i want to congratulate you on that. it is pleasing to see that some are actually trying!

keep it up.


ingenious!! tis is pure spectacular..pure creativity...lik it ...keep it up

I loved this

This was a great story.
I truely enjoyed watching this!

very nice

i actually watched this tripping and i freaking love it

definatley should make more

This was great

I almost gave this a 0, but the ending really made me understand everything.

I ended up giving this a 3, since it was so long to make a point.
A good point, but maybe the whole things shouldnt have been in "real time".
try using more effects that make it look like its fast forwarding.

I <3 the credits.