Reviews for "Leftovers"

Rather good!

I really loved that. The animation was very good and stylistic, and the story was clever.
I thought the birds were cute and the kid killing the bird was cruel, but realistic. All the people portrayed were really interesting, and kept me tuned. Great work!

i liked it

I loved it but...........couldnt you have at least had that car run down the kid that killed te birds? i dont like that bastard child..........killin the birds..........

FREELENS responds:

Well.... It's because I don't think that things go that way -kids do kill birds or cats, but don't get run over with car the moment after. That's life.

Quite Good

Why do they all have to die?


First of all, thanks for making such a magnificent masterpiece, i really appreciate it! Secondly, the harmony between background and foreground is well applied.The music, the sound effects, the impression on people's face, the dreams with joyable expectations... Everything is parallel with the unique drawings and enjoyable atmospehere... Thanks again for your submission... "Leftovers" has become my first place favourite...

Wow! You're So...Morbidly Interesting As An Artist

I loved it, especially the way you played with foreground and background.
The eyes of the viewer were given quite a field day with this one so big ups on that.
Big accomplishment with the story. A woman's heart attack gives birth to a nest.
A boy's simple slingshot gives birth to a meal for a cat and suicide of a bird.
And then the saga continues with leftovers being transported from one to another.