Reviews for "Leftovers"

That was really nicw

I enjoyed whatching this. Really diffrent then all the others. And nice drawing


The plot seemed a bit weird, and lost me at times, but mainly maid sense. My favourite part would have to be the graphics, since the remind me alot of those old farside comics.

very nice movie, deep feelings involved

hi there. i felt deep emotions with that movie. very nice work. i have to say my rating was 4. which technically equals 8 votes. because i think people might not understand the movie as well as others, but i personally felt the meaning to it. nice flash production, keep up the work. jfa productions.


I really Like the fact that you took your time to do all of the details in the background and movement i am just getting into flash and your style is the complete oposite of mine and that what makes it so facinating (spell check).
the concept has some deep thinking into it showing the true nature of some people. Another thing is you need to have a brain to know what is happening seeing that there is no dialoge (this being for some people that are saying "whats the point"). anyways to sum up what i really want to say is; very nice work love the sync. of each layer and I am hoping to see another one in a year or so lol. All thumbs up.


I'm glad to see that there are some actual artists left out there in the field of animation. Most anyone today with computer knowledge can make some pictures move and write a story similar to anything they've seen on TV. Just look through this site and find the many video game animations, or anime for that matter. There aren't enough real quality artists out there who can tell an original story through animation. I'd rank you up there in the vicinity with Adam Phillips. Great work, keep it up. It was utterly beautiful.