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Reviews for "How To Draw 7: Cars"


my picture didn't even looked like a lambo! =(

Aprime responds:

How sad :'(

Very helpful

This helps me greatly in drawing a car. awsome work. Love your other tutorials too

Aprime responds:

yay, review them all ;)


thanks for the review


very helpful! i drew an awesome car!

Aprime responds:

thats good, thats why im here, send me a msg on my profile of what u want to see next


Another groovy drawing tutorial! That's a pretty amazing achiecment as well, you truly are pretty good at drawing stuff, heh, I learned a lot from this. Looking forward to more of these drawing guides, keep it up!


Aprime responds:

I send u pms when new ones come out, im gona check out your stuff soon :D

add this to favs

maby we could make a game as a team
tell me what u think

well done

i\ll actually probably use this to do some drawing, thanks. And the music choices are awesome

Aprime responds:

thats good to hear, thats for the review

add me to favs