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Reviews for "Ultimate Assassin"

It was fun

It was fun, but needs several improvements. Specially by showing the exit immediately after you kill the guy, or as soon as you enter the level.


the game wasn't that much of a looker. it look too much like a beta game or something on the odyssey 1!

Incredible. in a bad way.

Really, the main problems were lack of hiding. You could not progress without being forced to use invisiblity, and that was so unreliable, as you could not move, and could not hide forever. Also, the rate that there people turn around, while realistic, is frustrating. you could be talking down a path and the guard would instantly turn around for no apparent reason. Maybe if you could kill certain guards...

pretty good game

very challenging i liked

good game

I just finished it, I like so much this more than UA2 but UA2 is pretty easy to me