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Reviews for "Wade in the Water"


why does this have a 2.69, it should be up in the fours at least, that was very well done. how long did that take?

TheBoogley responds:

I worked on it solid for about 18 hours straight. My wife went away for the weekend and if no one is around to stop me I get a little obsessive and keep going until it's finished... I was just messing around trying stuff and it all fit together.

this left me a very nice feeling...

this was very sexy and cool mate!

TheBoogley responds:

Cheers pottypoopoo! I didn't think anyone else would ever watch this movie again with such a low score. YOU'VE MADE MY DAY!!


I totally LOVE IT!!!! was one of my best music short movie


TheBoogley responds:

Thanks! I knows why yoo liek this one. It's a religious song, which is pretty Christly!


I thought the movement of everything visual complemented the music perfectly! Who's version of 'Wade in the Water' was that by the way I've gotta get my band t o cover it!

TheBoogley responds:

T'was Eva Cassidy's version, and yeah, you should cover it, it's an awesome song!


I think this aquatic theme goes really well with the jazz you chose. The animation was just very pleasing to watch, and also to listen to, so altogether, it was just great. Perfect sense of timing and flow as well and very good lipsynch.

TheBoogley responds:

It was all about getting the lipsync right, that was the whole exercise, but then I made the squids and it just fell together into this... Thanks for all these reviews, I didn't think anyone would ever watch this one again. :)