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Reviews for "Wade in the Water"


I thought the movement of everything visual complemented the music perfectly! Who's version of 'Wade in the Water' was that by the way I've gotta get my band t o cover it!

TheBoogley responds:

T'was Eva Cassidy's version, and yeah, you should cover it, it's an awesome song!

thats a weird game

it was strange but good and it was very hard.

TheBoogley responds:

This is not a game, not a game at all. :(


I totally LOVE IT!!!! was one of my best music short movie


TheBoogley responds:

Thanks! I knows why yoo liek this one. It's a religious song, which is pretty Christly!

Not as Good. But still great.

I've decided to review all of your flash for no particular reason. So I'll start with this one. Twas quite entertaining and the frame by frame was flawless. But a while into it it got kind of muddled. I would've maybe added a small blur to a layer, and make the colors a little contrasted. Also, the face looked a little shoved together, so I would completely take away the eyes. It was a visual treat overall.

TheBoogley responds:

Lennster! This was more of a learning experience for me, experimenting with lipsync and animating to music. I didn't spend very much time on it, about 8 hours straight from start to finish.

this left me a very nice feeling...

this was very sexy and cool mate!

TheBoogley responds:

Cheers pottypoopoo! I didn't think anyone else would ever watch this movie again with such a low score. YOU'VE MADE MY DAY!!