Reviews for "Clock Suckers Episode 6"


DUDE! That was funny! ^_^

falorlas vitory lol

nice one

I badly want an Ataritendosega.

Some of the other episodes have portions of which I find relevant in my own life, but none more so than this, 'Game Over.'

First off, if you can't identify all of the characters from video games that attack Tanner and Ben from the getgo, don't watch this episode. Get yourself a video game education (whatever that means) and come back later to watch this. This includes knowledge of the Konami code.

Second, if you've never seen 'Pretty In Pink,' don't watch this episode. Rent it and see the hilarity that is Ducky.

Third, if you haven't seen 'Two and a Half Men,' that's fine. Really. That show is fucking terrible.

Now that I'm done seeing this episode, I'm gonna go play some Frogger. Or Tecmo Bowl. But not Excitebike. Overheating is a bitch.

Get the other episodes!

Wow, I didn't even know Clock Suckers was even on NG until just now. It really is a fantastic series. Go to CH and watch the other episodes because they're AWESOME! Stinkin' Whores two is my fave!


Hey people if you wanna see ep 7 8 and 9 go onto collegeuniv and go onto the clock suckers thing ep 9 is the best abe hole