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Reviews for "Floof"

this is fun =D

all i could get was 4
definitely fun to play :)

Starblinky responds:

FOUR!?! haha oh man. Kay the next one I make will have easier controls..


I didnt play it bit it looks awesome


nice game rly nice game... btw i beat yourscore i got 230 (i felt like stoping there) wonder if anyone can beat me :)


It was good, but make levels or sumting next time, other then that, awesome!

Starblinky responds:

Thanks :)

Yeah, I was going to do a combo system and different powerups you can collect, but I like the way it turned out. So I left it.

Thanks for the awesome review.

good game

so baked... and this game is soo fun. good stoner game. i gave it a 5