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Reviews for "Floof"

this is fun =D

all i could get was 4
definitely fun to play :)

starBlinky responds:

FOUR!?! haha oh man. Kay the next one I make will have easier controls..


Found it fun and addicting.

starBlinky responds:

thank u sir

Cool Style

This game made me hungry for some reason. I liked the style of the game, especially the look of the Floof character. The controls made the game challenging. It would have been nice to have an end screen that displayed the score, but that's just minor.

starBlinky responds:

your highscore is kept in the top right corner. And thanks :) I like my floof too.
Well im not sure what you mean about challenging controls.. is it the fact he doesnt stop moving once you press a key? heh


It was good, but make levels or sumting next time, other then that, awesome!

starBlinky responds:

Thanks :)

Yeah, I was going to do a combo system and different powerups you can collect, but I like the way it turned out. So I left it.

Thanks for the awesome review.


1. Graphics and controls are alil sketchy
2. Try more flow, instead of the new reds just popping up how about them rolling in off the side of the screen

Besides that it's an alright game, nothing really new but it kills some time

starBlinky responds:

Graphics are the best I can do. Controls were made to be easy like all my games, so you must be playing with your left hand or something??

And yes I agree, reds rolling in off the side would be better. Maybe in version 2 :P