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Reviews for "Floof"


if your reading this wondering how this game is.... its like pac man just after he ate an eith of mushrooms ... seriously its a cool game


interesting game, nice visuals, great controls, very responsive, and most importantly, its fun to play. good job.

Fun game but what's my score?

Very fun game, but please show what score you get after you die, in case you're not peering at your score the seconds before you die.

Starblinky responds:

press replay and your highest score is rrecorded top right


me thinks this diserves a place in newgrounds, but eh, get a pause button on it, my boss got me 2 times on this game :x

(78 highscore btw)

Starblinky responds:

LOL thats rad. wow 78 is really good. Good job

No Preloader, No Play

The game was alright but a preloader for a game of that size is CRUCIAL.

Starblinky responds:

sorry :(