Reviews for "Tribute To Kk"


Though your message is the same in the hearts of most NG users, i suppose that this flash is doing the same as the kitty krew. This is what they want. They want NG users to be so pissed off. Remember clock crew? Remember B? I do. I still wasn't a member here, but i remember that crap. Now look at them. Some of their flashes are top notch, while the others are still good.

I suppose "Kitty Krew" is a fad, and will fade from assholes to just normal users. Soon they will realize the bullshit their doing isn't getting them the attention they crave, they will look in a mirror and see that they are just being stupid, mindlessly spamming a good website.

But, what you are doing now, is absolutely the worst. You might as well join the kitty krew, because this is just spam. It's taking attention away from artists who are actually trying. You are mindlessly filling up this website with crap. You are doing exactly what you want to stop.

And though your message is a good one, the way your presented it was bad. Just think about what would really piss em off. Everyone just stops reading those flashes. Everyone just ignores everything with a [KK] on it. Everyone just opens the flashes long enough to load em, then blams them.

No more bullshit like "KK MUST DIE," because thats this flash was even worse than the kitty krew flashes.

Now, you can read this, understand what i am saying, and stop this nonesense, showing everyone else on newgrounds, even the KK itself, that you are above this nonesense. Or, you can replay with a "You have no testicles!!!111" as you have with most of your reviews, and fall even deeper into the hole that will lead to another bullshit "crew."

And with that rambling, i bid you adieu,
Perry to the Winkle

H-h-h-heliopios responds:

You're a fucking cunt, you know what right?

Copying a 3 paragraph review you've left plenty of other people will not make me sit back and think "Oh, maybe Im doing the wrong thing and should go outside, get a girlfriend, and a high paying job" it only makes you seem like a whiney little fuck that sits on the fence and just cant say what he thinks because his sense of justice is out of whack.

Kill yourself.



H-h-h-heliopios responds:


so the chocolate rain is poop 0_o

i knew it. i agree about all the pointless flashes but this is pretty much the same thing. only thing that makes it better is its aimed at insulting the others but its basically the same

H-h-h-heliopios responds:

Flash by crash-1369:

- none -

No skill

This flash is just as badly drawn as there group's flashes... please put more effort into submissions in the future.

H-h-h-heliopios responds:

i made this alot better the first time and then when exporting flash crashed so i had to remake it and i didnt try so i just scraped it together and submitted


This is crappy as well... Kitty Krew needs to stop flooding the portal with crap. This is not the way to make them do that.

H-h-h-heliopios responds:

this is when you cut off your testicles because you never need to have kids