Reviews for "Transformers:PrimeProblem"


It`s almost as good as your latest Berserk. If you make some kind of a cameo next time it would be awesome.


I loved it. Made me laugh a lot, you have to make a series out of this!

would make a good series

OK, Optimus' voice was waaaay strange, he is supposed to sound robotic, so the voice didn't really fit. >_> Great drawings though, loved the colors and detail of Optimus... Wish it was a little longer, or a series would definitely be cool... Just a different voice though. >_>

What was with that text on the bottom of the window? :D hehe.

good spoof

It was a good spoof. Nice graphics, too bad there was no enemy around. Had a good laugh. Keep up the work!

The touch >.<

Excellent =) soo funny.