Reviews for "Transformers:PrimeProblem"


Interesting concept, I must admit. The animation is certainly better than a lot of stuff that gets put onto the portal nowadays. However, some of the voices could do with some work: Bumblebee sounds as though he's speaking with a rather poor imitation of an Indian accent. Asides from that though, there's not much that I can say.

about time

now THIS is a transformers parody! good job! oh, and make a sequel if you haven't already.


What a great spoof on old school Transformers. This made me laugh!

"You got the touch....you got the powerrrrrrr..." XDDD That song used to drive me nuts. Yay for 80's musicXD

Not bad

You lost me early on but got me back when Prime was in the Matrix. His jaw falling off and then running around singing made me laugh.


Animation and background were awesome. Loved the PLAY screen, it was great. Very good, but the voice acting and jokes were pretty horrible and kinda ruined everything. :( Had it had great voice acting and funny jokes, it could've come out really well. You should consult the Voice Acting Club next time you do an animation. Your visuals are great, the sound just didn't do it for me.