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Reviews for "Zipstyke goes for a walk"

ZipstykeClock is our hero

Everybody loves ZipstykeClock. Hooray for ZipstykeClock! He's GR-R-R-R-R-REAT!


amazing! Realy awesome effects you got there!


this was amazing and really moving. This movie fills the void that my dead sister left. thnkx englishclock.

Voted five

Awe inspiring

It's not bad because it's a clock movie

The art wasn't too bad, the animation was.

It was basicly a clock walking by random pictures. Nothing too great.

I suggest having it walk by more interesting things & more things overall

EnglishClock responds:

wel yknow yer o course tha art wasnt bad i mean WHAT wasnt bad bad cmon man anyon can see the high quality here 17 years of trainin did pay off and as fer tha animation part wel listen sucka jackoctopus is comin fer you