Reviews for "Clear Vision"


best game ive played in a long time. like the guy before me said it was bad that it was too short but i look foreward to the next one

Daani responds:

I'll make sure to make the second one longer for you guys!



That was awwesooomee! LOVED IT!
Keep it up!

this game is the best

this game is the bomb i search evryday for the second one please please can u give me a date a ropubnd as i am dying to play it alos i hope we kick the army guys ass lol killing my familey just he wait lol pleas let me no

Daani responds:

I'll make a statement in the "authors comments" to let you know when it's out:)

Thanks for your review m8!



There is no words.. this is something out of this world
Great Job


I loved the graphics, and the cliffhanger, please get Part 3 up soon, i love them!