Reviews for "Clear Vision"

fuckin amazing game...

... but it wont be continued no one ever continues games which say to be continued at the end of them =(

Daani responds:

That's where you are wrong m8! I'm half way through the second one and it's going to be great!

man that was awesome!

Best shooter I've ever seen!! I can't wait for Clear Vision II


Tight ass game. I had to play it twice, i cant wait until the second one. I really couldn't find anything wrong with it. Full 10

Daani responds:

Cheers m8!


Very Cool

This is one of the best shooting games I've ever played though.

Cheers :)

Fuck Yeah

Dude, you fucking rock!!!
I love it.
The only way you could improve it is if you make it longer :D

Daani responds:

I love you all<3

Take Care!:P