Reviews for "Clear Vision"


a bit short, cant wait for the second one

Made already

this was made by newgrounds, it even says so in there, other than that, niiiiccccceeeee

Daani responds:

What are you talking about young man? Made already? do you mean that I've made this game already or that it's a rip-off from Tactical assassin? Dude..I can ensure you that this was created by me:S And it DOESN'T say in the game "Made by Newgrounds" it says: "And a special thanks to Newgrounds" just because their site is awesome.

Before you make that dumb announcement I suggest you to do some research!
Thanks for the review anyway.


It was great. The only thing that could make it better is if it was a lot longer.


I have offically completed the series, I never played the first one until now. Kinda sad when they killed his parents but it was a great game and the series was excellent!


it wuz actualy great. aand i c u got the song from "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" nysly dun