Reviews for "Clear Vision"

meh nothing wrong with the game

but why would a sharpshot wear shades? and u do know that a marksman always travels in a group of two right...one spots the marksman....
just some ideas

but no stars

cuz all u did was just click

Daani responds:

hrmm..If you would choose between a completely black round head without any eyes and a characteristic shade to make your character mor alive, what would you choose?

could have been better, alot better

ok, wow, where do i start? well, firstly, you had no idea what to do, the graphics were crap, the gameplay is unimaginative bland and uninteresting and the unskipable cut scenes sucked.


This is a good game but add more/ better graphics. This game seems like a spin-off of sift heads. Sift Heads is way better than this game.

Daani responds:

sift heads came after this one:)

too many glitches

if you shoot once and miss, you can shoot all you want and nothing would happen, on top of that, this game SUCKED. whoever made this should STOP TRYING, IT'S TRASH COMPARED TO EVERY OTHER SHOOTING GAME! for example, the easiest game, tactical sniper, looks like the best game ever created now and forever compared to this

Yeah okay.

Sorry, not good at all.