Reviews for "Clear Vision"


I would have to say too damn simple, you need more to it.. good story but no facts, kindof reminds me of blood diamond the movie.. the theme.. and well I still think there should be consequences and money involved somehow.. and really like I said more to it.. too simple.. point click and simple targest.. no movement I think the most "Difficult" if it were even difficult was the bridge and the suit case scene.. other then that *YAWN* work on it.

Nice soundtrack but gameplay suffers

Nice story, buy stick figures & sniper rifles make for a bad sniping game. Basically this is just a point & click affair.

At least work on the graphics and add some physics to the shooting like rifle recoil.


Too easy and no fun at all.


The sniper scope is stupid


the reason i did this is because ive already beat this game 50 and minimum

Daani responds: