Reviews for "Clear Vision"

this was a ok game.

i know what your thinking ''why ? first of all i'm only 10 and I know a good shooting game. And that was only short. Second reason is that i kind of liked it peace Evan

not so good

you don´t know who you have to shoot, because the target isn´t described in the e-mails

lame,not fancy,so lame

lame lame lame lame lame lame

too short

but still a bit fun


I would have to say too damn simple, you need more to it.. good story but no facts, kindof reminds me of blood diamond the movie.. the theme.. and well I still think there should be consequences and money involved somehow.. and really like I said more to it.. too simple.. point click and simple targest.. no movement I think the most "Difficult" if it were even difficult was the bridge and the suit case scene.. other then that *YAWN* work on it.