Reviews for "Clear Vision"

Good Game

Quite a good game but ashame its short.


great game but i agree to easy


This was way way too fucking easy and short. I hope that the second one is better...


good gameplay, but very short.


I can't tell if you're trying to be serious or not. I mean the writing sucks, there's no polish, and there's some attempted humor thrown in.

So either you're trying to be camp, and kinda pulling it off, or you're trying to be serious, and failing miserably.

Still... oddly good, and functional as a crosshair game.

Daani responds:

Does it really matter if I tried to be serious or not? Focus on your game experience in your so called "review". You honestly thought I was dead serious?

Seems you need to polish your review-talent, cuz this review sucked. Are you serious and falling miserably or did you try to be funny and not pulling it off with this review? ;)

Thanks for the rev anyway,